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2023 Songwriter Contest Winner - Sarah King

Well a great year of songs is now in the books and we can say that the finals was such a treat.  Annie Bacon traveled over to WI from MI for her first visit, Sarah extended her Vermont to Montana tour adding a few more memorable stops, and Alex crossed the Mississippi to make it to the fest at 11:30 Sunday morning.  Yes, we're sorry to put pressure on them to wake up and get those vocal pipes going so early, but it really works for the scheduling, and then the winner gets to play two more times to make sure everyone sees them once.  As the host, I didn't take any pictures or videos of the contest, and I do feel sorry for that; but I somewhat made up for it by taking two videos of Sarah King the WINNER!  Plus I got our Adventures in Americana 's photographer, Keely Zynda to take this incredible picture in the fest's "Green Room" Plus, we didn't give the judges or the contestants much time between the end of the contest and the next time the winner had to

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