Week 3 Highlights 2022


Just like that we're on the 3rd week, and we are continuing to get a very eclectic mix of music.  This weeks highlights we do have a repeat artist, but we truly wanted to share Mike Ward's Letting Go. From the Top left clockwise...

1) Letting Go - Mike Ward

This sad stunning ballad was recorded in our favorite setting, a songwriter round.  While Mike has many recordings on Bandcamp, this one hasn't been released there yet.

2) Wind Chimes - Olivia Frances

I did chuckle thinking back to Christine Lavin's Wind Chime song, but this song will find you wanting to find your favorite spot to listen chimes and day dream as Olivia set the stage.  It is available for purchase on Bandcamp.  

3) Don't You Let The Darkness Drag You Down - Bob Davoli

Nice guitar and gentle wish, and it is available to buy on Bandcamp.  Now if we could all have a beautiful place like this to play music and drink wine.  Great job Bob, and bring along your duet singer Gabriela Martina if you qualify for the contest, perfection to the song lyrics.

4) I Don't Know What Any of This Means - Laura Frawley

Laura sent us four wonderful mp3's and to share one with you all we asked for permission to post this YouTube audio video.  We hope she continues her journey putting more of these songs out on her own page, she's a creative soul.

We hope you enjoyed a taste of the submission.  Contest runs all of May and depending on the number of submission we'll have two or one more highlight post.  We hope you make it.  Rules and submission link is HERE https://greatriverfolkfest.org/Songwriting.html

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